Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County, Maryland
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Training Descriptions

Following is a list of all of the training courses that we currently offer.

Premarital Mentor Training

Content: The PREPARE - ENRICH premarital inventory is reviewed in detail, covering how to administer the inventory, submit it for evaluation, interpret the results, and prepare for the discussion of the results with the couple. The mentor couple will also learn how to assist the couple being mentored in ways to enhance those areas in which they show agreement, and greatly improve their relationship practices to build consensus in areas of disagreement.

Length of Session: Approximately 7 hours.

Materials Required: The Marriage Resource Center will provide all materials needed for each mentor couple.

You may also contact our office for more information.

Restoration/Reconciliation of Troubled Couples

The training of mentor couples to assist couples in crisis is a very important ministry to our society. Couples desiring to minister in this area should have a good, but not necessarily perfect, marriage, and ideally, have had some difficulty or difficulties over the years that they were able to overcome. Their ability to restore their own marriage from the brink of destruction will give them both an ability to give good practical help to another couple, and will also give them the hope of success that all couples in crisis need.

Training in this area will consist of at least 10 hours of class time with additional sessions scheduled as needed to build the skills and self-confidence required for this type of mentoring. Classes are scheduled periodically as needed.

You may also contact our office for more information.