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Welcome to the Marriage Resource Center of Frederick, MD!

Our hope is to be of service to you, your family, your faith community, and ultimately, every citizen of Frederick County.

Helping Couples Create
Loving and Lasting Marriages

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Quitting is NOT an Option:
One Couple's Experience with the
Marriage Resource Center

Our goal is to put a safety net under every marriage in Frederick County. In so doing, we will accomplish a number of things:

Testimonies of Actual Transformations

"Thank you" seems like the understatement of the decade. However, I couldn't go much longer without, again, saying how grateful I am to both of you for opening up your home and your lives to me and Doug. It was and will continue to be a truly pivotal piece in the healing of our marriage. God has been so clearly involved in our lives, and provided all we needed from the beginning of this journey.

I appreciate so much the generosity of your spirits and the grace of your hearts. I truly love you both!


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Quitting is NOT an Option: One Couple's Experience with the Marriage Resource Center

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